Son las doce y veinte de la mañana. No duermo porque yo vi una película de miedo.

My goals for the end of the week were to focus on verbs and learn how to tell time.

I  can proudly say that I can easily tell time in Spanish now! However, verbs are still limited. I have learned quite a few, and somewhat know the past tense. I can use the verb “tener” to talk in the future as well. Tomorrow, I plan on making a list of verbs that we use in our everyday life and those that I have learned in the past few days. This way, I’ll have a page where I can study everything related to verbs.

My goals for the next week are;

  • to finish my duolingo tree
  • learn the future tense properly and keep focusing on verbs
  • Watch a movie in Spanish with SPANISH subtitles.
    • If I read Spanish words, while they are being said, I’ll get used to the sound and flow of the language quicker
  • Cook something using a recipe in Spanish

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