¡Bienvenido a mi blog!

It’s summer, so it calls for challenges. I have decided to get back into Spanish, which I’ve studied before but never got past the basics. This is a space for me to share my learning experience and journey with others like me.

My plan is to either read an article, or listen to a video or movie in Spanish every day. This means that I have to stop and look up the words I don’t know or understand from context. This will build my vocabulary and I’ll get used to the language. It’s also more challenging and exposes me to the language more than if I was to make a list of words to learn. However, I do plan to listen to vocabulary, so I’ve been listening to the “Learn Spanish” playlist on Spotify. Once I feel comfortable with the amount of vocabulary I understand, I want to start focusing on grammar (a bit like how we learn a language as a child).

I am supposed to take a trip to Latin America in August, so my goal is to be able to communicate in Spanish with the locals and using minimal English.


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