Son las doce y veinte de la mañana. No duermo porque yo vi una película de miedo.

My goals for the end of the week were to focus on verbs and learn how to tell time.

I  can proudly say that I can easily tell time in Spanish now! However, verbs are still limited. I have learned quite a few, and somewhat know the past tense. I can use the verb “tener” to talk in the future as well. Tomorrow, I plan on making a list of verbs that we use in our everyday life and those that I have learned in the past few days. This way, I’ll have a page where I can study everything related to verbs.

My goals for the next week are;

  • to finish my duolingo tree
  • learn the future tense properly and keep focusing on verbs
  • Watch a movie in Spanish with SPANISH subtitles.
    • If I read Spanish words, while they are being said, I’ll get used to the sound and flow of the language quicker
  • Cook something using a recipe in Spanish



I have been working on my Spanish everyday. I usually wake up and lay in bed looking at social media for a while, but now I go on duolingo instead. It’s more productive and it helps me wake up more. I’ve been using duolingo a lot lately to refresh the Spanish I already knew, but forgot. I’m also working on verb tenses and realized that I don’t know many verbs in Spanish. I think I’ll be focusing on verbs for the next few days.

Overall, I think I’m making progress. I feel more comfortable listening to the language, although I still have a lot of work to do. I try to listen to music in Spanish more often and started watching netflix in the language as well.

My goal for the next few days is to:

  • Concentrate on verb conjugation (Past/future)
  • Learn more verbs and vocabulary associated with it
  • Tell the time (I realized I couldn’t remember how)


¡Bienvenido a mi blog!

It’s summer, so it calls for challenges. I have decided to get back into Spanish, which I’ve studied before but never got past the basics. This is a space for me to share my learning experience and journey with others like me.

My plan is to either read an article, or listen to a video or movie in Spanish every day. This means that I have to stop and look up the words I don’t know or understand from context. This will build my vocabulary and I’ll get used to the language. It’s also more challenging and exposes me to the language more than if I was to make a list of words to learn. However, I do plan to listen to vocabulary, so I’ve been listening to the “Learn Spanish” playlist on Spotify. Once I feel comfortable with the amount of vocabulary I understand, I want to start focusing on grammar (a bit like how we learn a language as a child).

I am supposed to take a trip to Latin America in August, so my goal is to be able to communicate in Spanish with the locals and using minimal English.